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Turn chaos in to an opportunity

15 Apr 2014

A new report from information management analyst group AIIM claims modern businesses are drowning in the sheer volumes of information they gather on a day-to-day basis....Read More

Are IM systems smart enough?

08 Apr 2014

Simply capturing and storing information can be a waste of time and money if that information is not treated – read ‘used’ – as an asset, according to an article on technology website More

A sound approach to information management

25 Mar 2014

Making information management (IM) an integral part of your business activities will help your company develop a ‘sound approach’ to IM, says an expert....Read More

Grace discusses customer satisfaction at National Sales Conference

19 Mar 2014

What do 2014 Sales Vision and Strategy; CRM, Transition Planning, Records Management Industry and RS-Web; and Sales Process Steps all have in common?...Read More

Re-thinking information management

13 Mar 2014

With the rise of video, instant messaging and social platforms, managing your company's records and information has never been more involved....Read More