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The end is coming

When your document is nearing the end of its lifecycle it is important to destroy information in a safe and secure manner to protect your organisations intellectual property and comply with legislative requirements. Read more

Send it to the mailroom

Communication is the most critical element of any business industry. Regardless of who you are communicating with (banks, customers, suppliers) or what form (mail, telephone, email)- as a business you want to ensure communication is efficient, timely and happens with ease.  Read more

Toowoomba branch profile

Grace Information & Records Management’s (GIRM) Toowoomba branch opened their doors with zero cartons in October 2009 and has since experienced rapid growth, surpassing the storage capacity of their previous warehouse, and cementing the Grace name as a business industry leader in the region. Read more

Fort Knox Acquisition

Grace Information & Records Management is proud to announce the acquisition of Fort Knox Records Management on 1 July 2015, giving us the industries largest national geographical coverage.  Read more

Keep or destroy?

Important business records accumulate everywhere around the office and if you are not careful they can nearly double overnight: in the out tray of your desk, in boxes in the corner, in the office cabinets, and communal compendiums. Read more

Celebrating information

Grace Information & Records Management recently hosted the Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA) event at Curtin University Hub for Immersive Visualisation and eResearch (HIVE) facility in conjunction with Information Awareness Month. Read more

Email overload

According to a new research undertaken by Yahoo that has looked at the habits of more than 2 million users and their exchange of 16 million emails over several months, we are falling victim to the ever increasing overload of emails, and are becoming slower and less responsive in our replies. Read more

Are you safe?

With internet hackings on the rise, can you be sure your critical business information is safe?  As we have seen across the media no one is off limits with hackers targeting the US Military and Sony over the past few months. Read more

Tape storage lives on!

In a world where over 200 million emails are sent and 571 new websites are created every minute of the day, data storage technology is in constant need of evolution. Read more

Information Celebration!

In the spirit of Information Awareness Month (IAM), Grace Information & Records Management (GIRM) recently sponsored the Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA) event at the Curtin University HIVE facility. Read more