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Are you optimising your smartphones?

Mobile devices are now the ‘business tool of choice‘, generating and holding more information than ever before. Read more

Everything to lose, are your records safe?

Is your business at risk of an embarrassing and costly privacy or security breach due to poor record destruction processes? Read more

How you can benefit from digital connectivity?

Are you a medium to large scale enterprise? Are you currently using a digital tool to help manage your information requirements? Or is this process still manually conducted? Read more

Newcastle branch profile

The coastal city of Newcastle has a long industrial, mining and farming history that is today being complemented by the area’s commercial and administrative growth. Read more

Creating tomorrow’s digital firms

Grace Information & Records Management is a proud trade sponsor of the Australasian Legal Practice Management Association (ALPMA) and recently attended the Tomorrow’s Firm: Digital, Divergent, Differentiated Summit on the Gold Coast. Read more

Digital puzzle piece

Grace Information & Records Management is helping to provide the digital puzzle piece to State Super Financial Services. Read more

Working with Barkuma Inc.

Our Adelaide Grace Information & Records Management branch have undertaken a fantastic partnership with Barkuma Inc, assisting people with a developmental disability to find and maintain employment in the mainstream workforce, by diverting all of their secure destruction services to the foundation. Read more

Living the digital dream

Grace Information & Records Management were a proud Bronze Sponsor of Records and Information Management Professionals Australasia (RIMPA) 2015 inForum ‘Digital Dreams (not Digital Nightmares)’ conference, which ran from Monday 31st August to Wednesday 2nd September, 2015. Read more

The power is in your hands

Grace Information & Records Management are dedicated to putting the power of efficient records management into the hands of our clients; providing simple, seamless and secure access to business information on demand. Read more

K.I.S.S. Information Management

As we edge closer and closer to the paperless society, the to-do list can sometimes appear to be overwhelming. Read more