Why outsource?

Even if information and records management is not one of your company’s core operations, it is absolutely vital.

Outsourcing this task to Grace Information & Records Management not only frees you up to focus on your core business, it also enables you to mitigate risk by taking advantage of specialist expertise, purpose-built facilities and the latest technology.

By outsourcing your information and records management, your business benefits from lower costs, reduced risk, improved productivity and faster response time – all of which leads to better customer satisfaction.

Reduce costs

Outsourcing your information and records management removes the need to invest capital funds or human resources in non-core business functions. At Grace, our equipment is constantly upgraded in line with technical advances in imaging and records archiving, and our staff are continually trained in the latest technologies and best practices, leading to greater efficiency and reduced costs for our clients.

Reduce risk

Storing soft-copy or imaged records in our Data Centre reduces the need for physical storage space However, if you’re storing files in hard copy, using our standardised cartons leads to cost savings on storage and is desirable for workplace health and safety. Limiting carton weight and size protects staff from injuries and reduces the risk of workers compensation claims.

Legislation regarding the keeping of records goes beyond the simple test of space. You need purpose-built racking, temperature control, fire protection and 24-hour security to completely ensure your records are being stored safely and appropriately. With Grace, rest assured your confidential business records are not only secure but also meet current legislation and standards.

Improve efficiency

Thanks to Grace’s technology and expertise, more forms and documents get processed in less time. When converting your documents to digital files, Grace boasts a quick turnaround – even same day – without sacrificing image integrity or indexing accuracy.

In terms of hard-copy records, our cataloguing and indexing service allows you to locate the file quickly and easily when required. We can deliver the document the same day or you can request our Scan on Demand service for an even faster turnaround.

Having your files catalogued and stored off-site allows for data integrity and consistency, as we have experienced data entry personnel who data-capture your records and calculate retention periods the same way every time.