Security Measures

Grace Information & Records Management guarantees anonymity, security and confidentiality during the conversion, storage management and secure transportation of your records.

Your records are protected from the moment they come into our custody, with transportation carried out in customised Grace-owned vehicles operated only by Grace staff who have passed our strict security clearance protocols.

Once stored at one of our facilities, access is controlled by an electronic keypad entry system and is available only to those with authorisation. All facilities are closely monitored using CCTV and protected by electronic intruder detection systems with back-to-base alarms.

For added protection, hard copy records are stored using a random storage methodology that is supported by the unique Grace Barcode Tracking System. This system can pinpoint the exact location of a specific box or file.

For electronic records, a three-tier security system manages access to projects, determines what a user can do within those projects and controls access to individual documents. With 24-hour monitoring you can see all attempts to log into your repository, complete with date, time and action, so you know who is logging on, when, where and why.