Easy convenient records management

Convenient accessGrace Information & Record Management guarantees safe, reliable and fast access to your applications and data through our RS-Web system. Utilising the Knowledgeone Corporation’s RecFind 6 technology, Grace offers convenient, round the clock website access to your document management system.




Unsurpassed information management software

Document managementGrace is a recognised leader in the physical and digital information management marketplace. Through decades of experience, Grace understands organisations need effective document management software allowing secure electronic document management.  As a result we only use innovative and reliable information management technology that has a proven track record.



Benefits and support

We have a dedicated team of IT professionals on hand to assist and support your document management systems, covering a wide range of roles and services, including:

  • IT professional supportHelp Desk Support
  • System Administration
  • Filing systems support
  • Business Systems and Services
  • System Analysis
  • Project Management
  • Software Application Support
  • Software Development
  • Business Solution Development