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Bunbury: Local experience and a local presence

Many of us take for granted the convenience that comes with living in one of our country’s capital cities; but for many of our clients from regional branch network is vital for bringing best practice in information management much closer to them.

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Improvements to our online payment process

We’ve made some changes!

Grace established a secure credit card payment facility on the Grace Information & Records Management web page earlier this year. Read more

Grace Gives Sponsorship

At Grace, we recognise that if not for our local communities,
we would not have grown as we have over the years. Read more

Our practical knowledge and experience

Sharing the benefits of our practical knowledge and experience from decades of developing and delivering information management solutions, is an important part of our overall approach to our client’s experience with us. Drawing on the experience of our national team, we have developed a Knowledge Bank.

Our Knowledge Bank contains best practice Read more

A Case for Outsourcing

Preservation, retention and storage. Three valid reasons for outsourcing the management of your records. Read more

How the Internet Has Changed Our Everyday Activities at Work

How many people realise the Internet will be 47 years old in December this year? It first comprised four computers in four American universities being connected together to form the initial ARPANET and voila, the Internet was born! Read more

A Mailroom Service can have Benefits for Your Business

The obvious benefit is doing away with the mailroom and the tedious, time-consuming task, of sorting mail. Read more

Security. How Secure is Your Web-based Storage?

Make no mistake, when considering web-based storage for your records, the security is not just about technology, it is also about the bricks and mortar. Read more

Key Steps to Catalogue Your Data

When data is catalogued appropriately with relevant, logical fields, tags and metadata, it can be easily found and utilised. Storing records without structured cataloguing could mean that you lose them forever. Read more

Success. What is Digitalisation Success?

Put very simply the success metric for a digital organisation is the level of customer engagement and satisfaction. Read more