Cataloguing & Sentencing

Swift and accurate traceability is an essential aspect of successful records management.

Grace provides a complete cataloguing service where our staff will go to any site, pack files into cartons for transfer, barcode cartons, and list and catalogue cartons from either ‘outside carton’ description (simple) or at the file level (detailed).

Sentencing is carried out by trained and qualified professionals to a general disposal authority, or in line with all relevant legislative requirements, ensuring only those records that are required to be kept are maintained.

We use a unique computerised barcode system to define, index and track your documents. This system allows up to 9 separate search categories, including, but not limited to:

  • Barcode number
  • Alternate code (internal or previous supplier identifier)
  • Contents
  • Description
  • Add date
  • Destruction review date
  • 3 customisable user-defined fields.

Projects for cataloguing and indexing may be small or large, but the reassurance of accuracy is maintained.