You can rest easy in the knowledge that your records are being stored in a Grace Information & Records Management facility. Grace is certified to ISO AS/NZS 9001:2008 Quality Management and we strive to exceed AS ISO 15489 Records Management for secure storage of hard-copy records. Our facilities are purpose-built to meet all environmental hazard standards and are stand-alone buildings.

All sites are protected by electronic intruder detection systems with back-to-base alarms under 24-hour surveillance monitoring.

In addition, Grace facilities operate VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) in accordance with AS 1670. In line with BCA 96 (Construction) and AS 2118 (Fire Suppression), the facilities at Grace are constructed with quality materials and incorporate extensive fire-protection systems. Buildings are equipped with sprinkler systems and fire doors to ensure correct fire-prevention policies are maintained, and the sophisticated fire alarms are linked to local fire brigade units.

Extinguishers and sprinkler systems are fully maintained in accordance with Australian and international standards

All Grace facilities are well ventilated and storage areas are regularly inspected for any build-up of dust. Floors are vacuumed constantly and regular pest and vermin inspections are carried out.

The internal environment within the facilities is kept stable. The temperature is maintained between 150C and 300C through excellent insulation, ventilation and minimal light penetration. Similarly, the relative humidity varies little more than 20%, remaining between 40% and 60%.

Our climate-controlled media storage rooms are alarmed and monitored 24 hours a day; they have an increased wall, floor and ceiling fire rating of 4 hours.

In addition to keeping your records safe, Grace is doing its bit to protect the environment by reducing reliance on electricity at its facilities. The warehouse, for instance, is designed to make use of natural light, therefore reducing power requirements, and the lighting in the office areas is movement/sensor-controlled.